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  • Title: No Dress Rehearsal
  • Author: Marian Keyes
  • ISBN: 9781934848098
  • Publisher: Gemma Media
  • Category: Fiction
  • Series: Open Door
  • Reading Level: Grade 2-6
  • Type: Paperback
  • Page Count: 92


Lizzie is dead; she just doesn't know it.  Why does everyone ignore her when she just needs a little sympathy? She has been in an accident, after all.  The next day, Lizzie goes to work as usual and meets two unusual people, spirits who have been sent to break the bad news. But Lizzie is not ready to go anywhere. She has yet to say her goodbyes. Help is at hand with Jan and Jim, messengers who have seen it all before. Before Lizzie crosses to the other side, she'll get her chance to stage the closing scene of a lifetime.   

About the Author

Marian Keyes is one of Ireland's most successful authors with impressive international success. Her books include, This Charming Man: A Novel, Anybody Out There?, Sushi For Beginners, and many more.  Marian was born in Limerick and currently lives in Dublin

About the Series

The Open Door series is an innovative program of original and adapted works by some of our most beloved modern writers, originally designed in Ireland to promote adult literacy. These fresh stories showcase new writing from both best-selling authors and emerging voices.