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  • Title: Scoreboost - Thinking Skills: Critical Thinking for Reading, Science & Social Studies
  • ISBN: 9781564204707
  • Item#: 2470
  • Publisher: New Readers Press
  • Published: 2014
  • Series: Scoreboost for the 2014 GED Test
  • Category: GED Preparation

Preview: Sample Pages of Scoreboost - Critical Thinking for Reading, Science & Social Studies

Series Synopsis

The Scoreboost series is the second edition of the popular resource for GED preparation classes. The series has been revised in order to prepare students for the rigours and requirements of the new GED Test that is being launched first in the U.S. in 2014. Each workbook contains step-by-step lessons, hundreds of practice questions, and strategies to give students the essential practice and confidence they need to pass the test. Each workbook comes with answer key, explanations and self-evaluations. New features in this revised version include:

  • One additional math book to cover more intensive math skills
  • New math, language arts and thinking skills lessons
  • Additional online practice questions for each unit review

There are 8 titles in the new Scoreboost for the 2014 GED Test